What is NASA’s New Mission PUNCH

NASA’s new mission PUNCH to study sun. Primarily it will study space weather. It would be launched in 2022. NASA has already launched Parker Solar Probe mission in 2018 to study Sun. India would also launch Aditya L1.

What is Space Weather?

Radiation spread by solar layers of sun in whole solar system which is called as space weather. Simply you can’t escape radiation of sun. Every planets is affected by solar radiation in a little amount or higher amount. Space weather affects Earth in many ways.
For example, It will affect our GPS system.
our communication towers are also affected if solar flares are high then it will damage the towers.
Solar Weather is having very important role in our space missions because it can be considered as one of the major factors in spacecraft launch.
space weather is responsible for Some spacecraft failures

What is mission PUNCH

Mission The polarimeter to unify the Corona and Heliosphere, or PUNCH, is under progress to study sun’s outer atmosphere. Mainly PUNCH will track down the solar wind. PUNCH will composed of suitcase-sized satellites, it will study outer atmosphere of sun, the corona and generation of solar wild.
PUNCH will image in real time and the structure of solar atmosphere. This mission will show effect radiation of our star in space. Craig Deforest from the Southwest Research institute in boulder, Colorado will lead the mission. Maximum funds are $165 million.
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