Physics Quiz Fun in Corona Lockdown 7

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#1. Name of the phenomena which inspired Einstein in his development of general relativity?

#2. When you map out the universe from the smallest scale to the largest, what is approximately in the middle

#3. In the entire galaxy, the largest known star is UY Scuti. If it was plopped in the place of our Sun(center of Solar System), how much space would occupy

#4. Exclude the option which isn’t form of energy


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Answers of Physics Quiz in Corona Lockdown 7

  1. Seeing a man fall off from a roof
  2. Life as we know it (cells, molecules, and the like)
  3. Outer edge of UY Scuti would be beyond the orbit of Jupiter – basically half the size of our solar system
  4. Friction
  5. 4,000,000 times the Solar mass

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