Space exploration.Is it worth all those billion dollars invested for it? Should we go back to the moon again? If yes,then why? Why would a nation expend so much to just send a robot to an unknown planet? These are some questions that come to one’s mind whenever one thinks about space exploration.
Space exploration began some six or seven decades ago when Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 satellite in 1957 followed first animal into space ,the Laika Dog ,again followed by Cosmonauts(Russian Astronauts),Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova.Then the US entered into all this and the era of space exploration began.Billions of dollars were invested in all these programs .The US government spends 1.6 per cent of its annual budget on space research programs.China is also gradually entering into all this which was the third country to soft-land on the moon after US and USSR.India is also making rapid strides in this field through its government funded ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) which will be the fourth nation to soft-land on the moon on July 14th 2019 through Chadrayan-2 ,if by God’s Grace it lands successfully.Despite being a third world country ,India is investing a lot in quest of space technology.Here actually arises the question.Is it worth it all this million dollar investment when you have own internal issues like poverty,starvation,unemployment etc?So let’s shed some light on this.

Two Sides of Coin

There’re two sides to this argument. Many people argue about the above said fact about why wasting so much money when you can utilize that in other areas which are more important.Well my side of argument is ,are we really utilizing the money that should be invested for the betterment of society in the first place? Or are we indulged in some other activities which aren’t allowing this money or basic necessities to reach to the ones who need? ,if you know what I mean.But we keep complaining about money being wasted on space research and all.
Again people don’t look into the facts.They don’t realize how much we’ve benefitted from space exploration ,but just sit somewhere and condemn the nations that are indulged in these . One of the biggest benefits are the satelites.
Without the satelites we couldn’t have imagined the world we have today where we can communicate with anyone we want at any given moment.Satelites are the reason we have understood the geography of our earth.It helps us know the weather we are going to have tomorrow.It has given us the GPS (Global Positioning System).
Also exploring other planets or our own moon has its benefits.The Russians are thinking about sending two robots to their mission to moon where they would build their moon base.That would help exploring that place more.If we could get conditions on the moon or elsewhere where we can do agriculture ,then it’d be great.As amount of land for agriculture saw a decline in recent years ,it may be possible we won’t have enough land or space to harvest our own food,ultimately leading to starvation and death.So if anyhow we could have a base somewhere on mars  or the moon where we can plant trees or harvest food that would do a great good for the humanity.

Is It Really Worth to Invest in Space

There are also many rare substances found on the moon or the mars that are barely seen on our planet.So they can be utilized too.Also by putting satellites and crewed spacecraft into orbit has helped the scientists learn a lot about cosmology,astronomy,General Relativity ,space physics,space biology and other stuff which can’t by any means be ignored.Scientists have also  understood how life has evolved on earth over the years .They are also digging a lot deep into existence of extra-terrestrial life which is a really hot topic these days after famous Physicist Enrico Fermi’s most famous sentence or question “Where are they?Where are all the aliens?”,which is called Fermi’s paradox which asks the question about existence of extraterrestrial life and why nobody has come to visit us yet after so many years of the Big Bang.Well ,that’s a topic for another day.But ,overall the fact is that we shouldn’t ignore the advantages of space exploration despite all the debate.
Also we have to be patient about the space exploration.We should realize that it’s just 70 odd years into space research .So it’ll take time.Every great thing takes its time .So we have to perservere and be patient in our endeavour  and continue to explore the universe which is out there ,waiting for us to discover it.

Author: Som Abhisek


  • July 6, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    Well I am not a good physics student and all.. but I think we should first make earth sustainable and then we should discover other stuffs. Otherwise we will be like "na Ghar ke Na Ghat ke"… I am not against space research but I think we should first secure our environment.

  • July 6, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Honestly this topic is kinda political, investment in space research really worth it . If you are planning for investing that amount for shaping the earthly beings then it would be a waste of money and time.

    I personally believe that as universe is so gigantic , its making the visits of aliens tough …but there are past evidences about aliens in the book of "chariot of Gods" by enrich von daniken…

  • July 7, 2019 at 6:06 am

    I'm with The Space Exploration……without it I can't even imagine where would we be now.. Predicting natural disasters,extraterrestrial knowledge.. And other sort of things like that.
    Now to other matter… are we really efficiently utilising our funds for development of inner circle of our country? Those who are protesting against space exploration should change themselves first…. Well whatever I might be wrong.


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