Some Interesting Facts about Space Shuttle

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Recently SpaceX, NASA and ISRO has sent many satellites to space . Its obvious for space shuttle to come in the picture. So today I will tell you about the some interesting facts about space shuttle
                      By NASA/Crew of Expedition 22
       Endeavour Space Shuttle in last mission during the orbiting 

Interesting Facts About the Space Shuttle

  1. Space Shuttle is used to specially launch the satellites. Space Shuttle is also used for rocket launching system.
  2. Sometimes space shuttle is also  called as space transportation system due to it’s reusable ability.
  3. Space Shuttle is discovered and developed by well known space research organisation NASA.
  4. Space Shuttle is considered as first reusable part of Space Technology.
  5. All space shuttles are launched from one place Kennidy Space Center located in Florida.
  6. The Space Shuttle  weighed 178,000 pounds(80,700kg).
  7. Space Shuttle is not only launcher it is perfect laboratory.
  8. First tweet from space: Michael Massimino is the first person to tweet from the space.                          Michael Massimino @NASA.   
  9. Due to high velocity one can witness sunrise or sunset in every 45 minutes and velocity in about 28,000 kilometers per hour(17,500 miles per hour).
                                Copyright @NASA
Space Shuttle Endeavour’s orbiter Tribute

Now, If we talk about the first Space Shuttle:

  • The first Space Shuttle Weighted 4.5 millions pounds(2 millions kilograms).
  • It stood upto184feet high.
  • Space Shuttle produced 31,000 kilonewtons thrust.
  • Space shuttle completed 135 missions successfully.
  • First Space Shuttle was returned to earth by parachute
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