Climate Strike: Earth against the Pollution

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This article will show the current situation of our planet. World is facing many problems due to climate change and pollution.

We young people are seriously trying to do something about the situation. Delhi is having worst air quality nowadays.

In September 2019, Young people around the globe protested against the Climate Change. Nearly 100 countries participated in this Global Movement.

Now, we have decided to contribute in this global movement. We are issuing the petition so all the leaders of major countries can notice the movement. We need more and more people to join this global movement Sign this petition and become the part of global movement.

Climate Strike: Earth against the Pollution

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Latest Signatures
11 Ms Alex P. Nov 07, 2019
10 Mr Oliver C. Nov 07, 2019
9 Miss Deeksha R. Nov 07, 2019
8 Ms Sakshi K. Nov 07, 2019
7 Mr Rushabh S. Nov 07, 2019
6 Mr Aneesh T. Nov 07, 2019
5 Mr Nagarjuna K. Nov 07, 2019
4 Mr Ankit R. Nov 07, 2019
3 Mr ANILKUMAR M. Nov 07, 2019
2 Mr Jenti P. Nov 06, 2019
1 Mr Bhautik K. Nov 06, 2019


Share this information with your family and friends. Let them contribute by signing this petition.

As we are having Audience who can understand the circumstances so we have decided to support this global movement. We will plant the 1 tree for each 1$ we receive. We will publish name of the major contributors on our Instagram page physicsonly. Let’s unite against the climate change.

Other Amount: USD

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