Young Scientist Who Rejected NASA offer Thrice

Today we are going to talk about one interesting personality who rejected NASA.

Who declined NASA

He holds patent for 8 different inventions. Even Donald Trump also requested him once to join NASA. His name is Gopal and he from Bihar.

This all the patents could be revolutionary in coming days,

  • Paper Biocell – Electricity can be generated from waste paper.
  • Goponiyam Alloy – The alloy ehich can help to reach the sun. Alloy does not changes the state at any given temperature.
  • G-star powder – Heatable upto 5000°C .
  • Hydroelectric Biocell – Electrical storage capacity of 50,000V.
  • Solar mile – Converts solar energy and wind energy. It can handle Wind with speed of 2 km/s.
  • Gopalasaka – Radiation takes about hundred years to be ceased but with this invention it will take only 5 years.
  • Banana nanofiber and crystal – Developed nanofiber from the pseudostem of banana only. Which can be made as a gel. This gel can be used to make diaper products, bulletproof jackets , bricks , tissue paper , hair dye , file cover, boxes, electric battery and many more.
  • Biodegradable plastic – This type of plastic will not pollute the soil but instead it can be degraded as nutrients.
Rejected nasa thrice
Gopal the Scientist

His name is in the list of top 30 startup scientists. At age of 13, has been awarded Inspired Award. He got recognition as Youngest Scientists of India at the age of 14.

Gopal is going to start his own lab. Biggest Science Fair is going to be held in Abu Dhabi where he has been invited as chief speaker in front of 6000 Scientists around the world.

Why he rejected NASA

India is largest country for migrates around the world but Gopal still wants work in his country. Who does not want to work for NASA. People strugles entire life to get this opportunity still he wants to serve his homeland India.

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