Woven city- City of Scientists and Researchers by Toyota

Woven- The City of the future

Woven city is future. Toyota has announced to build city of the future. Recently, this city made headlines. Woven will be more focused on research of Artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and such as smart homes. Technology lovers will love this city.

City of Techies and Researchers

It is Envisioned as a “living laboratory”. For technology lovers woven city can be considered as their new home. Researchers will be able to test and develop technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Smart Homes. Companies will be able to test their technology directly in real world

How Woven will be build

It is regarded prototype city of the future. Woven will be built in mt Fuji in Japan. Toyota is planing to send open invitation to all interested commercial and academic partners.

As Toyota president said ” We welcome all those inspired for betterment of the way we live in the future, to take advantage of this unique research ecosystem for development and please join us in our quest to create an ever-better way of life and mobility for all”

Japan is Technology based country. We have already written one article on Flying cars of Japan

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