The Da Vinci Code is a gift from author Dan Brown to the modern world.


Everyone should have this book in their bookshelves. You will be thinking if you haven’t had the opportunity to read this book, that I’m too much exaggerating. But believe me, I’m not. Ok, let’s delve a bit into the world of The Da Vinci Code. And don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers ahead.

What’s this book “Da Vinci Code” all about that everyone’s talking?

You can say it’s a very fast-paced, high octane thriller or a kind of treasure hunt, typical of Dan Brown, which occurs within 24 hours. The book stars one of Brown’s most favourite characters, Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of Religious Symbology. The book gets really intriguing, and you cannot but turn pages after pages when the murder of a renowned curator Jacques Sauniere takes place inside Louvre, France. The mystery then unfolds bit by bit and it takes you aback every time some mystery gets unfolded.

The book openly talks about secret societies and their secret rituals. It also doesn’t shy away from naming Sir Isaac Newton as a part of those past secret societies, which will eventually shock a reader. As a physics student myself, I was myself taken aback when I read in this book, personalities like Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo and even Leonardo da Vinci were participants of the underground secret societies like The Priory of Sion, as described in the book.

A Treasure House of Knowledge:

It’s no doubt that Dan Brown’s books contain so much information that at the end of the book, your knowledge of underground societies, conspiracy theories and a lot of controversial subjects will have ten folded than what you had before. In this book too, he throws light upon the famous painting of Mona Lisa and tries to decipher its symbolism and meaning, a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that still makes people talk and discuss about it in our times. In one of our previous articles, we have discussed about the great Leonardo da Vinci. Check out here Da vinci an unsung genius

The book also shades light upon cryptology and symbolism and there were used in ancient times. It talks about the Holy Grail too. Wanna know more about the Priory of Sion, check out here

A Book Da Vinci Code is Full of Twists and Turns:

The twists in the book will blow you away really making you think how this could have gone this way. It would go in a way you wouldn’t have probably imagined; which is, in fact, the most beautiful thing about the book. It’s really unpredictable. It’s a perfect treat for fast-paced thriller fans. I can keep writing about the book more and more, but it will probably give away some major plot points, which can be really annoying. So, that’s it for today’s book recommendation. Make sure you check out this book at least at some point in your life. Believe me, it’s totally worth it.

Here we’ve given a link to the purchase page of the book

You can also watch here Dan Brown talking about what inspires him to pen down such conspiracy theory stuff and all. https://youtu.be/uEtOWFQYDO4

Author: Som Abhisek.

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