Penned down by one of the best selling authors of all time, Dan Brown, Angels & Demons is a high-octane thriller/conspiracy fiction novel that takes place within 24 hours in Switzerland.
Like other Dan Brown novels, this book also blends fiction and information in a beautiful way, after reading of which your knowledge will only increase by two-folds.


Don’t worry, we aren’t giving away any spoilers here. In this paragraph, I will only describe a bit of the plot of the book. Firstly, a murder takes place inside CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research), which is one of the world’s leading nuclear research centres. Meanwhile, Robert Langdon, a Havard Professor of art history and symbology is asked to look into the matter. Because there are certain parts of the investigation that demands vast knowledge of ancient symbolisms and code deciphering.

The Reason to call Robert Langdon:

The reason that the police invite Mr. Langdon to this investigation lies on the corpse. Meanwhile, the corpse of the deceased has Illuminati written upon it, which indeed amazes the CERN members and investigators alike. Then they go through a labyrinth of conspiracies and secret societies.However, the journey gets more and more adventurous and intriguing with mind-blowing twists and turns. Ultimately, it makes the reader progress through the pages of the book really fast.
Probably the most interesting fact is that the word “Illuminati” was written as a pallendrom.

What is a Pallendrom?

A pallendrom is a word that reads the same backwards as forwards. Here the word Illuminati is written in a way which startles the Havard professor and the police alike. The surprising reaction of Robert Langdon is enough for more suspicion as he cites that this type of writing style of the word is the true symbol of the Illuminati. Then the book takes the reader into a deep voyage into the world of underground secret societies and their rituals.

It talks About Anti-matter Technology!

The book also talks a lot about how the anti-matter technology has changed many facets of technology. And the scientists of CERN have given their best in developing that technology. These things are really common in Dan Brown’s books. You will find that common thread after reading his other books. Because he delves deeper into the history of science, and asks questions about religion and our certain beliefs.
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Therefore, the book is worth a read for thriller fans and conspiracy theorists alike. Hence give it a read, it will be worth it.
Finally, the purchase link of the book is here

Author: Som Abhisek.

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