Why JEE/NEET entrance exams should be postponed

In this video, I will put my simple points from reliable sources. Current scenario of JEE and NEET. Currently, COVID patients are increasing.

Who has the authority to make decisions about Entrance exams like NEET. NTA hasn’t announced anything regarding the postponement. NTA is governing body will decide the exam dates. JEE/NEET will be conducted across the nation so first of all NTA will collect the data from all the states and then they will make a decision.


JEE and NEET are not the ordinary exams, both are the entrance exams so it can’t be canceled but it can be postponed. Definitely, student lives matter. If exams would be canceled then there would be no one in colleges and nobody wants that. They will postpone the exams.

Everyday on an average 20,000 cases are increasing. So if we calculate then on 18th July the number of total cases will be more than 10 lacs.

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