What is the True Color of the Sun Absolutely

If you are thinking that asking what the color of the sun will make you dumb, then you’re wrong. Ask anyone, majority portion of those people may say yellow. Even I had this misconception that the sun is yellow. But in reality, it isn’t.

Color of the Sun from ISS(International Space Station)

When viewed from the International Space Station or ISS, the sun looks like a giant white ball. White color is the composite of all the visible frequencies of light. That means the sunlight isn’t a single color of visible light, in fact it’s an amalgamation of the emission spectra of all the elements it’s made up of.

What is the Color of SKY

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If we put a prism in the path of a beam of sunlight, what we see is a bunch of colors; violet, blue, orange, yellow, red, also called VIBGYOR. Among those colors, red has the highest wavelength and blue, the shortest. So when the sun comes near the horizon of our planet, it appears more reddish at sunset or sunrise as more of the blue light is scattered, also making the sky appear a bit reddish. As violet and blue light gets scattered away, the average visible wavelength gets red-shifted. This is also called Rayleigh Scattering. In this scattering, the atmosphere changes the color of the sunlight into yellow during midday.

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What Color of sun Looks like from other planets

From the planet Saturn, the sun looks really bright even though it’s really far away from it. The intensity of light depends upon distance as per inverse square law. So the sun must look dimmer from the Saturn than on our earth. The sun looks much bigger from mercury as it’s the least distance away from it than other planets making the sun appear really bright there.


Sun from Different Planets

Another reason the color of the sun being white is that the average temperature of the sun is around 5800K. One of the brightest stars called Rigel has a temperature of around 100,000K, and it appears blue. Scattering is another reason our sky looks blue during the day. It looks totally black during night as there is no sunlight in the night to be scattered and make it blue.

 Star Rigel http://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1241e/
By ESO/DSS 2 -, CC BY 4.0,

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