What is the mystery about the death of Indian scientists?

A current senior adviser to ISRO Chairman Tapan Mishra has drawn attention with his recent Facebook post. After reading his post I Researched on unnatural death of Indian Scientists and I found something terrible. Before I start writing this article let me give you a list of some notable Indian Scientists who died mysteriously.

  • Father of Indian space program Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Former ISRO Director SURYANARAYANA SRINIVASAN both died mysteriously.
  • Father of Indian Nuclear program Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha and11 Nuclear Scientists died in mysterious circumstances in 4 years.
  • 197 suicides and 1733 deaths at India’s nuclear establishment. Sometimes even suicide letters weren’t found.
  • Lastly, Failed to attempt to kill Tapan Mishra.

A senior Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientist Tapan Misra, who has claimed that he was poisoned over three years ago.

Misra, who alleges he was given arsenic trioxide on May 23, 2017, during a promotion interview at ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru, said the solution is to get hold of the culprits and punish them instead of stepping up security of scientists. “Surely it was no work of a street thug but some sophisticated espionage agency inside our organization… The only solution is to catch the culprit & punish them and not provide security to 2,000 scientists,”

ISRO Scientist TAPAN MISRA on death mystery

Tapan Misra is an Indian scientist who was the director of Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation.

He was involved in design for the development of C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) of the RISAT-I.

He received Vikram Sarabhai Research Award in 2004 and ISRO Merit award in 2008

Death mystery of ISRO founder VIKRAM SARABHAI

Died – 30 December 1971 (aged 52)

Dr.Vikram Sarabhai (the father of India’s space program) was found dead on December 30, 1971, in his hotel room in Halcyon Castle (Kovalam, Kerala). Just a day before his passing, Dr. Sarabhai was totally fit (no signs of illness) and had held a meeting and discussion with scientists.

No signs of illness before death. No autopsy.

Before that father of the Indian nuclear program dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha died unnaturally. Meanwhile, Vikram Sarabhai was the father of Indian space science.


In his biography “Ormakalude Bhramanapadham”, Dr. Narayanan wrote,

“The challenges and questions raised by his [Dr. Sarabhai’s] death are many. If he was eliminated, it is likely there was an international conspiracy behind it. Or else, how did such a scientific talent like him die in such an unnatural manner?”


Suryanarayana Srinivasan (1941–1999) was an Indian aeronautical engineer and the Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), known for his pioneering work in rocket science.

He also served as the director of Satish Dhawan Space Centre and assisted A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in the SLV3 Mission as its deputy director.

One day, He also died unnaturally and mysteriously.


Tapan Misra, has alleged that he was poisoned with deadly arsenic trioxide on May 23, 2017. The alleged poisoning was done during a promotion interview at Isro headquarters in Bengaluru

Tapan Misra has also claimed that he later suffered from health issues that included severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions, skin shedding and fungal infections.

Misra currently works as senior advisor at ISRO and is superannuating at the end of this month.

A ‘Y+’ category of CISF cover has been accorded to the chairman who is also designated as the secretary (space) in the Union government

The ISRO chief will have a team of about 3-5 armed commandos with him every time he travels to any part of the country


Mishra further said, it was important to bring this in public domain in order to save other scientists in future.

“People take advantage of silence. Agencies are looking into it. Surely it was no work of a street thug but some sophisticated espionage agency inside our organization,” he added.

Recently, ISRO chief K Sivan got the Y+ security which still far less than the chief minister’s security. There is only one ISRO but there are many states. Still, ISRO scientists have no security except for K Sivan.

Anti Indian nations are responsible for this type of attacks.

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