What is the DARK WEB the Anonymous World

            Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks or it is the communication between the networks and devices where a user can easily get any type of information in a single click at any moment. Basically, the internet is divided into two parts that are a surface web and a deep web(dark web is the part of the deep web). On the surface web, any user can access the internet or can visit any websites without any restrictions. But in the deep web, it refers to anything on the internet which is not indexed by or we can say, it is not accessible by a normal user. In this web, there are some links which can be accessible by some specific users. Banking websites, links are under the deep web where there are user ids and passwords are accessible by particular users.

                        The dark web is a small part of the internet or we can say it is also one of the parts of the deep web, where a user can’t use it directly. It requires some specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. ‘TOR’ browser is used in the dark web to access it, which is free and open-source for a user. There are many types of websites on the dark web but the domain of the sites ended with. onion wherein surface web .com, .org, .in are used. When a user wants to access the websites on the dark web it works when the virtual private networks (VPN) are connected and the internet protocol (IP) address becomes changed. The websites on the dark web are fully anonymous so that no one can track user whether the IP address varies.

                        By the use of the dark web, there are happening illegal works such as buying credit card numbers, guns, stolen subscriptions, hacked Netflix accounts and other software. It also helps to break other systems. No one is aware of the size but it’s around 5% of the internet.

Author: Abhisek Sahoo.

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