What is P-N junction diode? how it is formed with symbol

Diode Consisting p and n both junctions in its structure is called p-n junction diode. I am going to cover all the diodes in my some of the next blogs. I am looking forward to your readership. Today, we’ll talk about P-N junction diode.

How P-N junction is formed

when we combine the P-type material with N-type material P-N junction is formed. On n-side there are large number of electrons on other hand p-side is having more number of holes. In p region, the free electrons diffusing from n-side, recombine with the holes of the atoms which creates depletion layer.

What is P-N junction diode

⦁ It conducts current only in one direction
⦁ It consists two terminals are called electrodes, one from p-region and one from n-region
⦁ The p region is anode while the n region is cathode
⦁ Biasing is applying the external voltage to the p-n junction diode
⦁ Biasing is having two types :
   I. Forward biasing
   II.  Reverse biasing
which depends on polarity of applied d.c. voltage.

Symbol and Representation of  P-N junction diode

p-n junction diode
p-n junction diode

image author: Raffamaiden

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