Radiating rooms of madam Curie are interesting to explore. We have already explored some interesting facts about madam curie.

One of the greatest physicists ever to be born on the planet, Marie Curie had a major contribution in the field of radioactivity. She was the first-ever lady to win a Nobel Prize, that too in two different sciences; one in physics and one in chemistry. She discovered Polonium and Radium along with her husband physicist Pierre Curie. The element Polonium was given this name, as a tribute to Marie’s native country Poland.

The death of Marie Curie was really unfortunate as it occurred due to her being over-exposed to the radioactive elements while working in her lab. It’s so ironic that the radiation that is now being used in the medical process of curing fatal ailment like cancer, was the cause of her very demise. She died of aplastic anemia due to exposure to radioactive elements like radium and polonium. These radiations are really menacing as they are in the category of ionizing radiation, the radiation that can penetrate through our tissues and blood vessels and can cause damage internally.

Curie’s Radiating Rooms

As Marie Curie was always experimenting in her lab and office, these places got vulnerable to these radiations. Radioactive isotope like Radium-226 has a half-life period of almost 1600 years. So, the things present in that lab or office are still contaminated with those ionizing radiation that will last for a long time. So, entering that room without any protection may be really dangerous, even fatal if heavily exposed. Even Marie’s body is radioactive and placed in a coffin that is covered with an inch of lead so that the radiation can’t emanate from there. So, before entering into Marie’s room, one has to sign some papers called a liability waiver and put on some protective gear that will shield them from harmful radiations.

Marie Curie’s discoveries and major contributions to the field of nuclear physics cost her life only for the greater good of humankind. Her dedication and self-sacrifice cannot be forgotten in the history of science and humanity. Let’s take a bow at Madam Curie whose self- sacrifices are now saving almost a million cancer survivors every year.

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