Penned down by one of the most prolific authors of contemporary fiction, Haruki Murakami, The Strange Library is like its title a very strange story about a boy who visits the city library and faces very strange events occurring in it. The boy meets an unusual old man who told him to be in charge of the books, but circumstances don’t occur as the boy imagined them to be.

The book falls in the category of fantasy fiction and it takes you through a fantastical journey through the labyrinths of the city library with the boy. The book is so beautiful to read in the first place as it contains a lot of pictures in it, making the reading experience far better than any other normal book.

The book is kind of philosophical in a way as it depicts about alternate realities. It talks about how everyone’s world is different from each other and they just overlap each other when we meet someone else’s world.

The book has that magical realism tone, found mostly in other Murakami’s books like A Wild Sheep Chase, Kafka On The Shore, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and many more. This book The Strange Library is described as a novella (Longer than a short story but shorter than a novel).

Murakami’s books fascinate readers on another level as they present a dream-like feel to the reader, which is a great escape from the mundane and ever-repeating day-to-day life. They make the reader explore the world of Magical Realism and Fantastical Worlds. Want to know more about magical realism, click here

So, just grab a book and get on your couch and explore the world of Murakami in the quarantine.

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