Are we made of Stardust or Something Else

Stardust and Humans

Are we made of Stardust? yes. Lets find out how.

We humans, share most of the elements with stars. In which oxygen, carbon, sulfur(sulphur), hydrogen, and calcium are included. Different types of elements emit different wavelengths. That’s how we know which elements make stars. 

Big Bang: Moment of Element Creation

Most of the particles are created just after 3 seconds of the big bang. Stars after big bang were too much greater than our sun. Bigger the star the faster they burn fuel. First stars made not much heavier elements. After becoming supernova they went for the next generation’s stars.

Stardust Image by NASA

Life cycle of Stars

When stars die, all elements get thrown into space. From these elements new stars are created. Again the life cycle of stars takes place. This cycle continues again and again.
Every element is made in stars and almost every atom is made by stars. By combining different elements every atom is created. Obviously every element that made our body are from the stars.

Life Cycle of Stars
Stars from wikicommons

Finally we can conclude that humans are Made of Stardust. 

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