Space Science : Introducton Chapter 1

Recently many people were asking me about how to join NASA, ISRO and other space agencies.So first let me tell you about some major branches of space science.

Aerospace with Major Branches

Aerospace focuses on launching space shuttles and vehicles. Aerospace includes designing, manufacturing and maintenance of spacecraft, aircraft and other space systems. Majority skills of Aerospace concerns with Mechanical Engineering.

Major branches of Aerospace are Aeronotical and Astronotical. You can pursue B.Sc. , M.Sc and Ph.D. in Aerospace.


Aviation can be also referred as Air transport.  Aviation concerns with aircraft industries. Lighter-than-air aircrafts such as balloons and airships are also part of aviation.


Astronomy one of the oldest branch of science. Many ancient civilizations such as Greeks, Indians, Egyptians studied astronomy.  

Astronomy studies motion of space objects but that’s not  enough. Astronomy also concerns with origin of objects such as stars, planets, moons, galaxies, planetary systems and many more. All objects are enough reason to study astronomy.
All phenomena in astrophysics are explained by maths, chemistry and physics. Astronomy includes Theoretical Astronomy and Observational Astronomy.

Observational Astronomy splits into 

Radio Astronomy

Infrared Astronomy

Ultraviolet Astronomy
Optical Astronomy
X-ray Astronomy
Gama-ray Astronomy

Still there is many more which I will cover soon in our next blog

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