Some interesting facts about Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford made some remarkable discoveries which led to foundation of Nuclear Physics. Today, 30th August is his birthday.

Ernest Rutherford was next solely to Michael Faraday as an experimentalist

Atomic model
Ernest Rutherford’s model Source: Ehamberg/Wikimedia Commons

Rutherford’s experiments and his concept of the nuclear atom which ultimately drove the study of nuclear physics thereafter. Ernest Rutherford received Nobel Prize 1908 for Chemistry and he was selected as the president of the esteemed Royal Society from1925 to 1930. 

Rutherford showed great promise from a young age

While he was in New Zealand he won the scholarship at private college. Then he excelled every subject within the Syllabus. He showed his talent, especially in Maths and Science.

In 1890, Ernest Rutherford won another scholarship for Canterbury college. Here, Thankfully his professors were excellent who gave flame to Rutherford’s interest in Investigating Scientific mysteries.

Rutherford was collecting degrees

He completed his MA in physical science, mathematics, and mathematical physics. He also completed his BA in the same college. Then his new paper on high-frequency electrical discharge earned him a degree in B.Sc.

Ernest Rutherford was liberal but wasn’t active in politics.

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