PREDESTINATION is for you. Hey guys, how are you doing? Are you having fun binge-watching movies or web-series in this quarantine period or not? Well, you must be. If you are stuck and confused on what to watch next, don’t worry, I and Bhautik are here to solve your problems.

In this series of articles, we’re going to recommend some movies or web series that we feel are great and watch-worthy for a cinema lover. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers ahead. In this series, we’ll recommend some of the finest Science fiction movies or series out there. And another interesting thing is that, without giving away too much about the movie, we will only try to give some ideas about what elements are being used in the film. For example, we are recommending Inception; so we will give you a bit of description and idea and science behind Dreams, the main theme of that film. So, let’s begin with our first recommendation, which is, Predestination.



This amazing sci-fi/thriller movie is directed by Micheal Spierig and Peter Spierig. It’s a great watch for those who love time travel stuff. This time travel thing has been a matter of imagination for a lots of filmmakers lately as it catches the attention of a very large audience as the audience loves to watch these kind of imaginative and fantastic things on screen. Time travel fascinates audience more than anything else in sci-fi genre as it makes people think about it and make them think if it were possible they would have also gone to the past and rectify their own mistakes and come back again to the present, making it far better than what it was. So, Predestination is about time travel and it’s better you go and watch the film without having much knowledge of it. Even don’t watch the trailer or read the synopsis of it given in google.

Before going to watch Predestination, let’s delve a bit into some paradoxes related to time travel that fascinates us and gives us immense joy when we talk about it with friends or anyone.

As I said earlier, we will talk a bit about the science used in the film so that if you hadn’t known, you will have at least a brief idea.

Bootstrap Paradox:

Bootstrap Paradox Predestination

The paradox states that in a casual loop or you can say in a circular loop of events in a time travel event, one previous event is the cause of another event that occurred in future. Let me explain you simply.

Suppose a scientist is working in his office and someone bells his ring. He goes to open his door and finds a book on his doorstep. The book is about time travel. Now the scientist works as instructed in the book to build a time travelling machine. And now he builds the time machine and travels into future and gives the same book to his past self by ringing the bell and letting the book stay on his pastself’s doorstep. So, the paradox arises as if he hadn’t placed the book there, his past self wouldn’t have got it and eventually he wouldn’t have built the time machine himself. This is called Bootstrap paradox. If you didn’t understand, you can ask me again in the comments section.

So another paradox is called Grandfather’s paradox which we will discuss in another article.

For now, do watch this great movie, available on Netflix.

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