Riemann Hypothesis: The Hardest Math Problem

Riemann Hypothesis: Millennium Prize Problem

If we talk about toughness then Riemann Hypothesis is uncompareble. Reimann Hypothesis is conjecture containing zeros of Riemann Zeta function.
Riemann Zeta Function was published in 1859. Its been 160 years since zeta function published.

Why Reimann Hypothesis is Important??

  • It shows distribution of prime numbers in Number Theory
  • It can solve many mysteries in Physics through Probability Theory
  • Having some importance in applied statistics

By Slonzor – Own work. Made with Mathematica

7 Millennium Prize Problems

Clay Mathematics Institute  has established set of 7 unsolved mathematics problems.
If these problems are solved then mathematician can get 1 million dollars. Besides this mathematician will also can get Fields Medal, Abel prize as well as nobel prize also depends on the problem.
Some mathematicians considers It as hardest unsolved problem till date.
To Visualize FUNCTION
If you want I can explain what is Riemann Zeta Function in my next article depending upon response on this article
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