Quantum Jump in Modern Physics as Centered Phenomena

Quantum jump is often referred as Electron Transition.

What is Electron Transition or Quantum Jump

The transition of an electron from one quantum state to another is called Quantum Jump. Niels Bohr introduced and Hypothesized concept of Quantum Jump. This phenomenon is widely used to describe many events in Quantum Mechanics.

Phenomena of Electron Transition can be achieved by absorbing or emitting energy packets. These energy packets are as quanta or Photons.

Energy states of Atom

In Quantum Mechanics, An electron can hold only a certain amount of energy which is known as Energy Level or Electron Shell. Electrons are located in this Electron Shell.

Hydrogen energy states Quantum Mechanics
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Two Methods of Labeling Energy States of Atom

  1. Each Electron shell can be denoted by Quantum numbers(n=1,2,3,4….).
  2. Electron Shell can be labeled with alphabetical letters(K, L, M,…).

K shell can contain a maximum 2 electrons. While L and M Shells can hold 8 electrons in each. A list of the maximum number of electrons in shell goes on.

Energy levels of Atom and Quantum Jump

Atoms possess different energy levels. When an electron absorbs photon they jump from low energy level to high energy level and there is no in-between. The electron can not be found between two energy states. The electron can be found only in the Quantum States.

An electron requires initial energy to jump from low level to high energy level. Similarly, when electron releases energy packets Electron Transition takes place from high level to low level and this released energy is in the form of Quanta or energy packets. These packets are Photons. Transition Energy is given by

E = hf

E=Energy of photon, h= Planck Constant, f= frequency of Photon

According to wave-particle duality photons travel as Electromagnetic waves.

Based on wavelengths Electromagnetic waves can be classified as

  • X-rays
  • Radio wave
  • Micro wave
  • Infrared
  • Visible light
  • Ultraviolet
  • Gamma waves

These all Waves are having many practical applications in day to day life. We can control the outcome wavelength by simply

Quantum jump method is used in computational Physics

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