PI Day (π Day) celebrating the Science

π(PI) is one of the most used notation in the science. Coincidentally 14th March is also Birth anniversary of Einstein and Death anniversary of Hawking.

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Interesting Facts about PI( π )

  • In 1706 William Jones, a Welsh mathematician introduced a symbol of pi(π).
  • Exact value of PI is not found yet, so we can not find exactly area of Circle or circumference of Circle.
  • March 14 is 3/14 which can be compared to the value of pi 3.14. Math nerds celebrate this never ending number.
PI and circumference
  • Larry Shaw, a well known Physicist of his time started to celebrate 14th march as PI day.
  • Some people loved pi so much that they invented entire language made of PI. Language is known as “PI-lish”. Michael Keith, a software engineer wrote an entire book, called Not a Wake in this language.

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