Physics Websites for students to learn Physics

Physics websites to learn physics are here,

All this physics websites are based on course. For different course, you have to go through different website. I have ranked Websites according to my experience. Physics is Fun as always lets get started.


1. Classical Mechanics by Walter Lewin

Best place to learn Classical Mechanics is MIT opencourseware. Best thing about this course is that all lectures are conducted by walter lewin. Walter lewin is the best teacher I have ever seen. Walter lewin most kinda popular teacher in the online learning. He is famous for his teaching techniques. He explains most of the things experimentally. In my opinion, he is the best. This course opens way to learn physics

Physics I: Classical Mechanics

2. Richard Feynman: Learning Physics is Fun

Richard feynman is the best teacher when it comes to inspiration to learn physics. Luckily, we are having lectures of Richard feynman and its free of cost to access. It ranks in best physics websites for students. Richard Feynmn is One of the best physicists from 20th century.

Fun with Richard Feynman

3. Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Relativity

edX provides free Physics courses for students. Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Relativity Both are available free of cost on edX. Even though it also provides courses on latest developments on physics. Best place to learn Quantum Mechanics.


4. Amazon Website

Some of you must be thinking than why Amazon is here? Amazon is the best library to learn physics. You can find most of the books on Amazon Library. Amazon is not free obviously but you can buy any of the book on amazon.

Amazon Website

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the best Source of Information. You will find every piece of information on wikipedia. Physics is vast and if you want to know just visit the physics index in wikipedia.

All these websites can give you better understanding of physics. All these physics websites will help you to learn physics. Physicsonly is community of science people where you will find motivation to learn science(specially physics).

Physics Websites aren’t over yet, In ranking of physics websites for students there is more. If you want then I can write another article on physics websites for specially students.

God bless you all

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