Physics Quiz Fun and Quiz Competition Practice 17


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#1. Which of the following forces is responsible for radioactivity

#2. Which of the following particles mediate Electromagnetic interaction

#3. Composition of two down quarks and an up quark lead to

#4. Which of the following is not a baryonic matter

#5. Which of the following is also called the " God Particle "


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  1. Which interaction is responsible for radioactivity?
    Weak force is responsible for radioactive decay.
    Weak force is one of the four fundamental forces. It
    is stronger than gravitational interaction. Weak
    interaction is very effective in case of very short
    distances. It’s a force present in the nucleus along
    with strong interaction that helps bind the nucleus
    and coulomb repulsive forces together. Well, weak
    interaction helps transform neutron into a proton or
    vice versa. What it really does is that it changes the
    nature of the parent nucleus and changes the charge
    of that by just one unit, ultimately leading to the
    transformation of the parent nucleus. Were there no
    weak interactions, the Sun wouldn’t be able to
    convert hydrogen into deuterium, which is its
    heavier isotope.
  1. Which particle mediates electromagnetic
    Photon mediates electromagnetic interaction. In
    order to answer the question, we first need to
    understand what the word “mediate” means. Here
    “mediate” means the carrier of the interaction. That
    means there must be some carrier through which
    electromagnetic radiation interacts between two
    bodies. Photon helps in that. The momentum and
    energy photons carry produce the effects of
  2. Which particle is the composition of two down
    quarks and one up quark?
    First of all, the charge of a down quark is -1e/3.
    So two down quarks make -2e/3.
    Now the charge of an up quark is +2e/3
    Hence total charge of the composition =-2e/3+ 2e/3
    = 0
    Among all the options only neutron has zero charges.
    So neutron is the answer.
  3. Which is not a baryonic matter in the options?
    (Options are in the quiz 4 pages)
    First of all Baryonic matter can be easily understood
    as the matter that comprises baryons. Now, what are
    baryons? Well, Baryons include neutrons, protons, and everything that is composed of them. So among
    all the options neutrino is the one which isn’t made
    of any neutrons or protons. It’s a sub-atomic
    particle. So Neutrino is the one which isn’t baryonic.
  4. Which is called the “God Particle”?
    Higgs boson is called the “God Particle”. Why is it
    named the way it is? Well, the particle was
    discovered with a lot of expense of billions and took
    a lot of time. So it was called at first “Goddamn
    Particle”. It was said as it was really difficult to
    discover it at the time.

Author: Som Abhishek

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