Physics only wishes you and your family Happy New Year

Hey Guys, welcome to physics only. You and Your Family may live long. God may give you health and wealth you desire. I wish this year make all your dreams true. I am wishing all of you the happy New year. My best Wishes for this year.
Lets set some learning Goals for 2020. I will do my best to educate in the field of science and real education. As reach of physics only is increasing day by day my responsibilities are increasing . I hope you will visit this site on daily basis for learning. Best wishes to all students for new exciting decade ahead.

I am Bhautik Kapadiya from Physics only writing this message for everyone who is reading this. Once again Happy New Year.

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Bhautik Kapadiya

Bhautik kapadiya is Scientific Blogger, Scientific Influencer, Web developer, Aspiring Engineer, and Scientific Vlogger. He is Founder of He is Creator of Community of 300k+ Scientific Minds across the Social Media Platforms.