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#1. Who coined the term "Artificial Disintegration"

#2. Who discovered Polonium

#3. Who introduced the concept of electric field lines

#4. Who was the inventor of dynamite

#5. Who first proposed Photoelectric effect


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Physicist Quiz Explanation is given below

Why Physics is the king of all sciences or centre of science

1. Ernest Rutherford is known as the father of nuclear physics. He coined the term “Artificial Disintegration”. He first did a “splitting the atom” experiment, while performing a nuclear reaction between nitrogen and alpha particles, as a result of which he discovered the proton.

2. Marie Curie discovered Polonium. She gave the name as a tribute to her native country Poland. She was a pioneer in radioactivity and nuclear physics. She even won two Nobel prizes for it separately in both physics and chemistry. Her discoveries were the embodiment of huge personal sacrifice for a greater cause of humankind as radioactivity played a great role in battling cancer in the latter days. The irony is that she passed away discovering all this, due to heavy exposure to radiation. Know Some interesting Facts about Her.

3. British Physicist Micheal Faraday introduced the concept of electric field lines. The electric field lines are imaginary lines that depict the direction electric field or we can say it’s the direction in which a positive charge would move.

 F = q E

(Bold letters depict vectors)

So, the direction of electric force is also along the field (if nature of charge is positive).

4. Alfred Nobel stated that nitroglycerin when incorporated in an absorbent inert substance like kieselguhr, it materialized into a safer and more convenient explosive, which he patented as “dynamite”.

5. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz established photoelectric effect after observing that a charged object loses its charge more readily when it gets illuminated by UV radiation.

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Physicist Quiz

1. Who coined the term “Artificial Disintegration”?

  a. Enrico Fermi

  b. Richard Feynmann

  c. Ernest Rutherford()

  d. Pierre Curie

2. Who discovered Polonium?

 a. Roman Polanski

 b. Ernest Rutherford

 c. Stephen Hawking

 d. Marie Curie()

3. Who introduced the concept of electric field lines?

 a. Nikola Tesla

 b. Ampere

 c. Micheal Faraday()

 d. Coulomb

4. Who was the inventor of dynamite?

 a. Nikola Tesla

 b. Alfred Nobel()

 c. James Clerk Maxwell

 d. Robert Dynamite

5. Who first proposed Photoelectric effect?

 a. Max Planck

 b. Albert Einstein

 c. Heinrich Hertz()  d. George Simon Ohm

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