NUCLEAR WINTER: World War 3 consequences

Humanity has evolved over the past years and so does its mischievous. With every great invention, there always comes a big threat that has the capability to create upset to our civilization.

In the past few decades, the consumption of nuclear energy has reached its peak and has ultimately become a huge source of energy all over the world. But as I said a great boon for humanity can sometimes be its great bane.

By US government DOD and/or DOE photograph - Copy from U.S. National Archives, RG 77-AEC. Chuck Hansen, The Swords of Armageddon: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Development Since 1945 (Sunnyvale, CA: Chukelea Publications, 1995)[1], Public Domain,
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Along with a huge amount of energy, nuclear energy carries the risk of misuse or misfit by organizations that want to showcase their power to the outer world.

A big misuse of nuclear energy is creating a nuclear bomb. It would be the worst scenario for humankind to face this kind of situation. Suppose a nuclear war breaks out and the nuclear superpowers having high amounts of nuclear ammunition are fighting against each other, what would happen?

The consequences will be as worse as you could ever wish to be. This scenario will be called a Nuclear Fallout or a Nuclear Holocaust. The worst part about all this is it will not only destroy the existing life but also poses a serious threat to years of generations to come.


The nuclear fallout ultimately leads to a nuclear winter. This is a severe global climate change after prolonged fires caused by the nuclear war. The prolonged fires ultimately lead to a huge amount of smoke flying in the sky which consequently blocks the Sunlight leading to darkness and less sunlight exposure. As a result, the global temperature begins to fall down sharply cooling the surface temperatures dramatically. If you think this will only happen in the areas affected by the war, then you’re wrong. This will affect the whole world as large clouds of mushroom-shaped smoke will travel higher up in the atmosphere to all the parts of the world. These clouds will then absorb all the solar radiation giving rise to the “Nuclear Winter”.
As the nuclear weapons are made up of mainly radioactive elements, the explosions will release a huge amount of radiation penetrating into our atmosphere and then ultimately to our body. This will highly increase our annual dosage of radiation levels causing skin burns out, cancer like dangerous diseases.
Post the fallout, we’ll see a major decline in agricultural productivity which would eventually lead to food scarcity and of course, starvation. Billions of people will die of starvation and due to exposure to a high level of radiation.
It’ll also affect the future generations as the half-life period of the radioactive elements used in nuclear weapons is sometimes thousands of years, hence it’ll take some serious time to disintegrate, thus remaining in our atmosphere for a prolonged time.
So we must avoid misuse of nuclear energy as it can be a game-changer in producing huge amounts of energy and the superpowers must refrain from organizing nuclear tests and making more nuclear weapons to lessen the possibility of a nuclear winter.

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Author: Som Abhishek

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