Nikola Tesla electric oscillator and Egyptian Ankh

Tesla and Egyptian Ankh connection posts are circulating over social media So, let’s investigate this theory. I think that too as Tesla made his inventions work first in his mind and studied it first in his mind. He said that it is so vividly when he tries to make it work in his mind and see the outcome he calculated. And so for example he did invent the 3 phase motor/generator. So you could say yes tesla tapped into the field of possibilities and made his mind creations into the 3D world to work exactly the same. This resonates insanely with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work about our divine strengths as spiritual beings. Tesla knew we are electromagnetic beings that can tap into the multiversal array of possibilities. 

he showed us what human is capable of doing with specific frequencies..clean brain and body, he became one with the universe and that is how he had access to unlimited power…he said: “it’s hard to give unlimited power to limited minds”

 The ankh was used to conduct electricity as well. There is djed inside of the ankh in this picture and the djed is known to act as a battery. The ankh was not just a tool for sexual regeneration, but electrical and magnetic regeneration. We are electric and magnetic beings. What happens inside of us also happens in the world around us.

This is all the info on tesla and Egyptian Ankh.

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