NASA will pay money to Chill in Artificial Mars in Russia

NASA will pay you money to go in Artificial mars. This is big news for the people who wants be astronaut in future.

NASA is looking for healthy candidates who can chill for 8 months on Artificial Mars. Participants have to stay in a lab stationed in Moscow, and they will experience the environment of Mars. This completely new experience for anyone who ever wished to become an astronaut. Now, they can go on artificial mars

Are you ready to go on artificial mars

Official statement of NASA

NASA is looking for highly motivated and healthy individuals.

Requirements for Submission to on artificial mars

  • Age of the person must be between 30 and 55
  • They are required to be fluent in both English and Russian.
  • They must also have degrees either one of this or MS., Ph.D., MD or they have achieved army officer training.
  • Participants with a bachelor’s degree and other qualifications such as military or professional experience are also suitable candidates.

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Research team will be isolated for 8 months of span. They will conduct scientific research, using virtual reality and performing robotic operations. This international crew will study the psychological and physiological effects astronauts are likely to face as a result of isolation on long missions.

Results of this mission will help NASA to determine the real life challenges for their future missions on Mars. This important scientific data will be used for space exploration as well.

Participants will be compensated according to their relations with NASA and amount of work. Exact amount is not disclosed but this NASA after all.

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