NASA: Sanskrit is Best Language for Artificial Intelligence

Recently, I got many messages about the connection between NASA, Artificial Intelligence, and Sanskrit. As we all know Artificial Intelligence is the future of Technological World.

If you will search in Google then you can get many articles and videos regarding this topic. All of them are claiming that Sanskrit is the best language for AI development. So let me breakdown the topic as I am from the Computer Science.

What is Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an ancient language from India. It is the ancient Hindu language. Sanskrit played an important role in many intellectual communities. Structure of the Sanskrit makes it suitable for Artificial Intelligence.

Origin of NASA claims on Artificial Intelligence and Sanskrit

This story began in 1985, NASA scientist published a research paper titled as Vedic Science- ‘Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence.’ Rick Briggs was a Scientist who published this official research paper.

Sanskrit is Best Language for Artificial Intelligence

Rick Briggs and Vedic Science

In the paper, Rick mentioned how Sanskrit is the best natural language for the development of Artificial Intelligence based software. He represented his ideas and derived the outcome on Artificial Intelligence development and how natural language can be converted into a logical programming language. The Paper was detailed.

Natural language for Computer

NASA had invested a lot of money to find best natural language for Artificial Intelligence. NASA investigated about two decades with many resources for this mater. If Sanskrit can used as computing language than efficiency will be increased.

Sanskrit is a simple language. Panini-the Sanskrit Scholar, worked his entire life on Sanskrit and Rick saw his work which led him to realize that structure of Sanskrit is best for Artificial Intelligence Development. Sanskrit Grammer is “Context-free Grammer’. The regular structure of Sanskrit can be easily translated into assembly language or can easily run transformations like refactoring or AST level optimization. 

Opposing Arguments on Sanskrit as the best language for AI

There’s no doubt Sanskrit’s capability but when it comes to converting natural language for Artificial Intelligence Technology arguments are arisen. The argument is If Sanskrit is capable then one software should have been written by now.

Many Scientists believe that Sanskrit can offer many useful techniques for computing. NASA’s response is still pending on the matter.

The truth of Sanskrit as a Programming language for Artificial Intelligence Technology

This connection is backed by many claims and an enormous amount of research. Although, there is no official announcement by NASA. NASA is still working on NASA Explores Artificial Intelligence for Space Communications. NASA has a department dedicated to Sanskrit.

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