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Measurement in classical mechanics is here. This Course is Powered By MIT Open courseware. For those who don’t know Walter lewin He kinda Famous Physics teacher due to his teaching methods. MIT is one of the top university in the world. So this course is like Heaven For Physics Students. This Course is about Classical Mechanics. So now , without delaying any Further let’s get started.

Introduction To This course

Measurement by Walter Lewin

First lecture is on Measurement of units. In this Lecture Walter Lewin Showed his extraordinary teaching skills. Now, coming on the lecture he practically measures height of one person. He shows error in measurement and calculates it practically.


Lecture 1

Here you will learn

  • Powers of 10 :
    • Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Exa
  • Units
    • SI units, m ,s , Kg
  • Dimensions
    • 1D, 2D, 3D
  • Uncertainties and Scaling
    • Error in Scaling

Measurement Units

Measurement is process of detecting quantity. SI units are standardized unit accepted widely in almost every country. Power of 10 is multiplied when it’s needed i.e., 55 km represents the distance 55,000 meters. As you can see how SI unit system makes easier for scientific community to calculate numericals and understand the Quantity efficiently.

  • For mass the kilogram (kg),
  • For time, the second (s)
  • For temperature, the kelvin (K)
  • For electric current, the ampere (A)
  • For the amount of a substance UNIT is the mole (mol)
  • For luminous intensity, the candela (cd)
  • For distance, the meter (m)

Someone will definitely fall in love with Physics after compilation of this Course. I am writing this article to help the students in learning physics. If you know anyone who don’t likes physics just show them this lecture and they will love this lectures. I watched this again and again so many times.

If you guys liked this article then tell me i can write whole series on classical mechanics only if you want

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