Lyrid Meteor Shower : 2019 to See

We all people likes to see the sky. In this week all the astronomy lovers will see Lyrid meteor shower.

When you can watch Meteor Shower

Every year Meteor Shower takes place in month of april. Meteor Shower will be seen on Monday after midnight and Tuesday early morning or at midnight of Monday. You can not simply stay at window for 5 minutes and watch meteor shower. Patience is fundamental key to watch meteor shower.

Where you can watch Meteor Shower

To watch Meteor shower you have to go far from light pollution as you can. Clouds also maters, so stay under sky without clouds. Under sky without moon aroun 15 meteors are visible per hour.

Where do Meteors come from

Meteors come from comets. When comets comes near sun some of their parts are wiped out in space. Now, when earth’s atmosphere comes in contact with this the sky goes on fire.
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