Is Nuclear Energy Threat to Humanity


Nuclear energy is one of the biggest sources of energy or we can say one of the most underrated sources of energy.

Is Nuclear energy safe

Underrated in the means that not many consider as a safe source ,which is ,of course ,often exaggerated.
The first thing that actually concerns most people is the radiation levels .People actually don’t go through the facts ;what they hear ,they believe.The real fact is that the radiation emanating from nuclear energy is much less than the radiation we come across everyday.For insatnce ,the sun ,television,X-ray ,tobacco,even a
piece of banana has radioactive potassium in it(Don’t worry ,it doesn’t make you radioactive like Uranium ).These things make up for the 99% of the radiation exposure we have annually.So the other one per cent,even less than that goes to the nuclear energy.

How Neaclear energy is safe and clean source of energy

Nuclear energy is a safe and clean source of energy(Well ,how’s that?).Well ,the nuclear energy protects our air.You won’t find sulphur dioxide,nitrogen
dioxide,particulate matter and mercury etc. in the radiation which nobody wants to breathe.Carbon level in the emanation is also very small.Nuclear enegy helps in buliding electrical vehicles the result of which the carbon emission decreases as they purely work on electricity.Even the Curiosity Rover that is in voyage to the red planet or the mars also operates on nuclear energy.

Why some people hold backs on nuclear energy

Some still hold back nuclear energy by giving examples of breakdowns like the Chernobyl incident or recently the Fukushima incident in Japan that cost many lives .The main reason behind Chernobyl incident was use of outdated technology which eventually led to everything that happened and still the environment there
isn’t habitable.It’ll take years for the some radioactive elements to decay.These things

So Nuclear Energy is threat

sometimes make people hold back their positive opinion on nuclear energy.But
they must understand the fact that it’s completely safe and clean and a huge
source of energy which can serve humans for years to come.

Author : Som Abhisek

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