PI MESON THEORY is the best one of the best theories in Particle Physics

If there is a discussion going on about particle physics, that discussion would be incomplete without the mention of Hideki Yukawa, a theoretical physicist born in Japan. Yukawa’s major contribution to theoretical physics was the prediction of a particle called pi meson or pion that governs the interaction between nucleons like protons and neutrons.

Introduction to Pion:

Pion is a subatomic particle that can be: π0, π+, π. Pions are in the category of mesons as they mainly comprise a quark and an antiquark (quarks are elementary particles and they combine to produce hadrons or composite particles). Unlike positrons, pions aren’t produced in radioactive disintegration.

Contributions of Yukawa to PI MESON THEORY:

It was Yukawa who first introduced the concept of mesons which he opined to be the carrier of nuclear force (like photon as the carrier of electromagnetic interaction and graviton as the hypothesized carrier of gravitational interaction).

Another process in which Yukawa displayed his brilliance was K-capture or K-electron capture; the process in which an electron with low energy (generally from K or L shells) gets absorbed by the nucleus, after its initial prediction by a renowned Italian theoretical physicist, Gian Carlo Wick. In this K-capture process, the atomic number of the daughter nuclide decreases by one unit than that of the parent nuclide but the mass number remains constant. One of the best examples of this process is the decay of potassium-40 isotope. Its 11 percent of the nuclei that are present in our human body disintegrate by the electron capture process.

Another interesting fact about Hideki Yukawa is that he was one of those ten scientists who signed the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, which called for nuclear disarmament.

To his tribute, there is an interaction in particle physics that is called Yukawa interaction or Yukawa coupling that depicts the coupling between a scalar field and a Dirac field (an example of a Fermion field from quantum field theory).

This was pi meson theory By : Som Abhisek.

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