Hawking Radiation is Confirmed in Lab Experiments

You know Hawking was absolutely right. His most prediction of Hawking Radiation is confirmed. 

Hawking radiation
                                                      credit: Benjamin_Crowell

What is Hawking Radiation

Black Holes emits electromagnetic radiation due to spontaneous particle-antiparticle pairs are generated. As a result of quantum effects Hawking Radiation is emitted.
The theory was proposed by famous scientist Stephen Hawking and its also named after him.
Even photons the fastest particles can not escape a black hole. But quantum mechanics states that empty space is filled with particles. According to the uncertainty pair of matter-antimatter particles is released.
After a pair of virtual particles are released. One particle will be absorbed due to the gravity of the black hole and another will be thrown in space. Due to the negative energy of the particle black hole gets evaporated and eventually dies. Our previous blog explains How black hole dies

Experimental evidence

Scientists from Israel have confirmed supporting evidence to the theory. This is proved through the analogue spectrum which allows physicists to assign the temperature to black hole and provides indirect evidence to Hawking’s theory.   I hope you will come regularly here and Inspire Us.

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  • June 19, 2019 at 9:55 am

    That separation of particle -antiparticle happens near the event horizon, right?

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