Happy Birthday Galileo

Happy Birthday to the “Father of Observational Astronomy”, the “Father of Modern Physics”, the “Father of the Scientific Method”, and the “Father of Modern Science”.

Galileo was the first scientist to explain the laws of physics very clearly in mathematics. Galileo developed a telescope in 1609 with a magnification of 3x. He then developed telescopes up to 30x magnification. 

Galileo was a groundbreaking astronomer, Brilliant physicist, genius mathematician, great philosopher, and fine inventor, who did groundbreaking work in science and helped in opening the eyes of the world to a new way of thinking about the workings of our solar system and astronomy.

The 15.5 km diameter lunar crater Galilei, located near the western shores of Oceanus Procellarum, is named in his honor.

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Bhautik Kapadiya

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