Flying Car for the First time has been Created by Japan

Flying Cars on headlines

While everyone were thinking about the self driving cars but here comes the flying cars. The future of cars is flying cars and here is the major update from the Japan. Japan has successfully tested its first flight.

Flying car

                                                             Photo Credit: Japan Times/ Kazuaki Nagata
Flying car is using prototype of the drone. NEC Corp could make the japan leader of the flying cars. Japan is willing to launch flying cars by 2020 Olympics.
The population density of japan is higher. So flying cars can solve traffic jam problem of the japan as one of the officials from NEC Corp has said.

First Successful Attempt of Flying Car

Some others countries are also on Flying cars. UAE is willing to add flying cars in its police force. America is trying to develop flying cars with help of Uber.
List of companies working on flying cars:

  • Kitty Hawk Corp
  • Uber Technologies
  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Dubai Howerbikes

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