Explore Space with Google

We can explore space with free Google resources. Today, we are going to talk about some Google resources. Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Google Maps

Yes, Google Maps is having many more extra features than one could imagine. Google Maps provides a 3D view of many planets and moons. You can get a 3D view from our solar system and beyond that. When you click on the planet Google shows some notations. Google Maps also provides a view of the International Space Station(ISS).

credit: google maps

Space Tour

You can see the planets form various angles. You can zoom the planets. Its a really amazing experience. It is like a mini space tour. We can get a feel of Astronomers. Its having some limitations. This means it shows few Planets. But from a technical aspect, it is worth of trying Google Maps Space.  

If you want to use that feature click here 

I’ll discuss more google tools in other posts if I’ll get a response to this post  …

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