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Electricity Quiz here,


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#1. The quantity that doesn’t vary with speed is

#2. Which is/ are conservative forces

#3. The principle of superposition principle cannot be used in computation of

#4. The SI unit of Electric field strength is

#5. Choose correct statement. Photons have


Explanation is given below

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Electricity Quiz Explanations

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1. D
Explanation: The charge carried by a body doesn’t change with its velocity. While mass, time varies with
speed due to relativistic effects.
Specific charge = charge/mass; also changes with speed, because of mass term present in it.

  1. D. All of these
    Explanation: Under the action of conservative force; work done by a body depends only on the initial
    and final position. It is independent of the path taken by the body.
  2. C. Net power
    Explanation: The superposition principle is not universal. The superposition principle only applies to linear
    systems. Power a is nonlinear quantity. Hence, the sum of power won’t give total power in a system.
  3. D. Both A and C
    Explanation: From these relations
    E = F/q , Unit of E is newton/coulomb.
    E = – dV/dr, Unit of E is volt per meter.
    J = ( sigma) E . E = J/ sigma , Unit of Current density ( J )= ampere/meter^2
    Unit of conductivity ( sigma) = Siemen/ meter
    Hence, the Unit of E is
    ampere/ Siemen ⋅ meter
  4. C
    Explanation: Photon is a massless particle, so it doesn’t any charge. The momentum and Energy of
    photon depend on the wavelength of light. Hence, the Momentum of a photon is nonzero and given by
    P = E/ C ; where C = velocity of light. E= Energy of the photon.

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