Electricity and Magnetism by Walter Lewin

As We have already Reviewed best courses on classical mechanics. In this article I will Share My views on Electricity And Magnetism. This will be Fun. Walter Lewin is Best Physics teacher in History of the world. So, obviously this Course is Hilarious


Electric Charges and Forces – Coulomb’s Law – Polarization

Electric Field Lines, Superposition, Inductive Charging, Induced Dipoles

Electric Flux, Gauss’ Law, Examples

Electrostatic Potential, Electric Energy, Equipotential Surfaces

 E= – grad V, Conductors, Electrostatic Shielding (Faraday Cage)

High-voltage Breakdown, Lightning, Sparks, St-Elmo’s Fire

Capacitance, Electric Field Energy

Polarization, Dielectrics, Van de Graaff Generator, Capacitors

Electric Currents, Resistivity, Conductivity, Ohm’s Law

Batteries, Power, Kirchhoff’s Rules, Circuits, Kelvin Water Dropper

Magnetic Fields, Lorentz Force, Torques, Electric Motors (DC)

First Exam Review

Moving charges in B-fields, Cyclotrons, Mass Spectrometers, LHC

Biot-Savart, div B = 0, High-voltage Power Lines, Leyden Jar revisited

Ampere’s Law, Solenoids, Kelvin Water Dropper (revisited)

Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday’s Law, Lenz Law, SUPER DEMO

Motional EMF, Dynamos, Eddy Currents, Magnetic Braking

Displacement Current, Synchronous Motors, Explanation Secret Top

Magnetic Levitation, Human ❤, Superconductivity, Aurora Borealis

Inductance, RL Circuits, Magnetic Field Energy

Magnetic Materials, Dia- Para- & Ferromagnetism

Maxwell’s Equations – 600 Daffodil Ceremony

Second Exam Review

Transformers, Car Coils, RC Circuits

Driven LRC Circuits, Metal Detectors

Traveling Waves, Standing Waves, Musical

Destructive Resonance, Electromagnetic Waves, Speed of Light

Poynting Vector, Oscillating Charges, Polarization, Radiation Pressure

Snell’s Law, Index of Refraction, Huygen’s Principle, Illusion of Color

Polarizers, Malus’ Law, Light Scattering, Blue Skies, Red Sunsets

Rainbows, Fog Bows, Haloes, Glories, Sun Dogs

Third Exam Review

Double-slit Interference, Interferometers

Diffraction, Gratings, Resolving Power, Angular Resolution

 Doppler Effect, Big Bang, Cosmology

 Farewell Special, My Early Days in Astrophysics, Huge Balloons

Kirchhoff’s Loop Rule Is For The Birds

Is Kirchhoff’s Loop Rule for the Birds?

Believing and Science are Very Different

I haven’t written much about this course because if you will wath thius videos then you’ll understand why i recommended this Course of Electricity and magnetism.

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God bless you all.

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