Does time really exist in the universe

As we all know, The second law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy of the entire Universe must always increase. If we inventor something called an entropy meter which will measure the entropy of the Universe at each and every. So, that can then be used to track the progress of events in the universe without the need of using something called “time”. So the question here is, does time really exist?

But by measuring the entropy, the entropy increases, so the meter is always wrong.

Time won’t stop but the entropy will someday. It is called the big freeze scenario. In this scenario, the universe will continue expanding forever. Every star will die, every black hole will evaporate in time scale beyond comprehensible. Eventually… Protons will decay and there will be no matter left in the universe. Just radiation that can’t interact with each other. There you have it. The big freeze or big chill. Maximum entropy

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Time is defined as the set order of occurrences that take place in the universe. Thus if entropy changes constantly, the set order of occurrances take place, can be accounted for and the concept of time is defined.

According to this definition of time the consistancy you are refering to with entropy should reinforce the idea that time is “real” not disprove it in any way. I dont see how something can “change” constantly in physics and not have an element of time. All of these words assume that there is time; change, and consistancy both assume there is a sort of progressive medium in which something can change or be consistant. Without a concept of time something cannot change because as we see in calculous there can never really be change using 1 point in time, u need progression of time.

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