Ever wondered whether the sun makes sounds that we are unable to hear through our tiny human ears?


Well, if you have, then you weren’t wrong at all. The sun creates its own sound waves from its oscillations and boiling waves that create a noisy throbbing. You know the sun has a colour. It has dark spots as well.

How was it detected for the first time?

The sun’s oscillations were first detected by an American physicist Robert Leighton who observed the “ringing of the sun like a bell” (as described by the physicist) through a camera that he devised himself. Robert Leighton observed for the first time the perturbations of the solar surface using Doppler shift solar cameras. Do you know how energy is created in sun?

How Sound Waves Are Produced From The Sun?

The time the acoustic waves of the sun takes to bounce off from one side of the sun to another side is two hours. As a consequence, it makes the solar surface oscillate up and down. These waves get affected by the circumstances or conditions inside the sun and travel below the solar surface. The moment they come to the top of the solar surface, the frequencies of the sound waves become too low for humans to hear. Another simple reason why we can’t hear the sun’s sounds is that there is totally void space in between us (sun and earth) through which sound waves cannot traverse as they are unlike electromagnetic waves which can travel even through empty void space. The study of suns using its sound waves is known as helioseismology. As on the earth, the scientists studying the sound waves of the earth are called seismologists, and their study, seismology, the same kind of nomenclature occurs for those of the sun. Read Black body radiation in Sun.

Which Instrument Is Used To Hear The Pulsations(Sounds) of The Sun?

Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI), which is situated on the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).

So, we can conclude that the sun is not actually silent. We just need the right instruments to hear it sing its songs.

You can hear the sound of the sun here

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Author: Som Abhisek.

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