Does Black Hole Die

In now a days many persons are asking the questions.There are many questions regarding death of black hole. One is that does black hole dies.

Upper Image source : NASA

What happens at Event Horizon

Quantum theory predicts that black hole emits the Hawking radiation. Black Hole is having many characteristics of black body. Spectrum of Hawking radiation is same as the black hole. Black Hole emits radiation in the form of mass.
At event horizon temperature is billionth of Kelvin which makes Hawking radiation undetectable due to Mass-Kelvin inverse proportionality.

Death of Black Hole

Hawking radiation reduces the mass.On other hand when black holes are not having any mass eat that makes progress in shrinking and evaporation.

Micro black holes emits photons and other particles in very huge amount compared to bigger one. Ultimately they should shrink faster and evaporate.

Experiments on Black Hole

Many experiments done in the laboratory suggests thats Hawking radiation might exist.

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