Do Eternal Loop of Time Exist ?

What is time

I’m afraid to say that all of the physics of time that we learned have a very dark side. If we ever got trapped in the eternal loop of time then we might not even exist as a unity but with a thousand identity similar to us who are always trying to hide from each other. Then what we speak of ghosts are not ghosts… they are us in past and repeated interval of loops generated repeated past all are rushing towards a very dangerous line. The line that never end but trapped or stitched by the fabric of time. It’s obvious that, As symmetry exists in nature like translational, rotational, refelectional, parity, time reversal, charge conjugation…. it’s not hard to believe that one of many symmetries which is reflections exists in nature that that reflects our present self into past self and future self. It’s a translation through time where the energy is conserved. This means we are doomed to death if time has taken over us in the form of a closed spatial loop within a very short interval of events.

What is spacetime loop

You can ask me questions if you want but I’m afraid and I believe that our reflection symmetry is coexistant in past and future. Only we are afraid of seeing our own self doing the same things over and over and somehow nature hides this phenomena by making two loops in a helical way without coming close to one another. The intersecting loop being a 4th dimension has a higher degree of freedom which is essentially equal to no interseaction at all but they intersects.

The hish hush sound, the unnatural shadowy images that we sometimes encounter are not ghosts but our own self moving in the loops and sometimes that point in intersecting loops catches our eyes which we perceive as ghost.

Einstein’s Idea of Time

“Past, Present & Future are coexistant” – Einstein.

And they are also simultaneous.

Our Past self, our present self, our future self all are equal in identity but not equal in each point of time translation symmetry. As the symmetry is time translation so energy is conserved. And this conservation of energy from one loop to another is a generator of helical loops of time.

Time is Relative

Our Past is the past frame of our present and future is the future frame of our past. Every notion of Present and future can be related to past and I can surely say that if we got ourselves trapped in this loop then we being as a single entity is difficult to see one another in the coexistant frame but due to reflection symmetry our past exists. Each point in present is considered as an event in which you go to the bathroom and take shower. Someone knocks into your bathroom, you opened it but find nothing. You went throughout the house searching for who is this and came to the closed door of the bathroom and knocked in it. This is a loop. A deadly loop in which repeatatuon of events occurs but as you knock on the bathroom, remember that another one of you taking showers and heard the knock. He will then come outside and search his house for who knocked the door. This will repeat itself. Over thousands of time and we may ignore it as a ghost.

Nature of Time

So, the essence is that there is no ghost, it’s just or reflection symmetry which by the conservation of energy transfers from one event to another in a circular loop with each intersecting curves of the helical loop being a 4D is not intersecting as all. It will smoothly go Into it without any hole in present time.

Past, Present and Future

Time is deadly and being trapped in time is more deadly when one encounters the events being repeated over a small interval. This can be done by the properties of nature…. Our Past wants to be afraid of the present self and present is afraid to be the past self which is actually its future.

The intersection is sometimes too prominent that we see blobs or 3D cross sections of ourselves being a 4D entity with time superimposed on it. We believe the cross section as a ghost. As it’s like a blob. But essentially its us encountering us.

I’m afraid and I wish we never have to unstich the fabric of time.

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