Can Pravaig become India’s own Tesla

With a single Charge, Pravaig’s car can run for 504 km. Pravaig is an Indian electric mobility start-up. This car is able to accelerate from o to 100km in just 5.4 seconds. Extinction MKI of Pravaig generates an output of 200 brake horsepower (bhp).

“Our battery pack is more than double the MG ZS EV (powered by a 44.5 kWh battery pack). During testing, we have seen this figure go above 600 km. We are certain of the 504 km range. Developing a battery management system for these specifications is a massive challenge, keeping consumer safety in mind. We have spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make it safe, long-lasting and at the lowest cost possible. The battery pack consists of 5,000 cells located on the floor of the car. Our batteries with an energy density of 155Wh/kg and backed by world-leading safety standards allows us to maintain a significant range,” says Siddhartha Bagri, co-founder of Pravaig Dynamics, speaking to The Better India.

Prajnay Rajulu Boddepalli, the man who works on prototyping and development at Pravaig.

“Technically, you can install a battery pack that allows you to reach these specifications, but what happens is you overwork the battery pack, which gets heated, and the subsequent fuse that cuts off energy supply. You need an efficient cooling system in design and execution to ensure your EV can hit those specifications. For now, we use an ‘active’ cooling system that enables heat exchange all along the length of the battery pack. We’re working on a couple of alternatives to this as well. But I am not at liberty to reveal more” says Prajnay.

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