Black Hole Image and achievements of decade

This was decade of the Einstein. His theory of relativity got two backing evidence. First detection of gravity waves and then First Image of Black hole. This image is Biggest proof of the Science on Black Holes. Before you start reading this I suggest you to read about black hole. Now let’s discuss some important details.

Gravitational Waves

This year, we have gain detected the Gravitational waves. First time, waves were detected in 2015. Gravitational Waves are basically ripples in fabric of space-time. LIGO detected Gravitational waves for the first time. This waves were predicted by Einstein exactly 100 years before its discovery. These waves are generated by Collision of two black Holes. Collision can be also referred as Collision of Binary black Hole system.

Imagine throwing one stone into Pond. when stone touches thee water,, it creates ripples. Similarly when two Black Holes collides it creates ripples in fabric of space-time.

For More clarity this visualization will help you

First Image of Black Hole

First image of  black hole. It is the one of the most fascinating event in the entire history of science
First image of Black Hole

Witnessed the most amazing moment in the history of science. It took years of hard-work and entire team of scientists. Image was captured by event horizon telescope(EHT). EHT is network of observatories on our planet.

Black Hole was supposed to be unobservant but now, we have now image of black hole. Black Hole wasn’t universally accepted object but now it is. At first it was thought to be impossible. Nowadays, Death of Black Hole is in discussion. I have written one article on death of Black Hole. Check it here Does black hole die

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