Astronomy Quiz 3 Soluion

Quiz 3 Solution is here,

  1. Who invented telescope?

Ans: Hans Lippershey  


Hans Lippershey is the first person to apply for telescope patent. He was dutch Eyeglass maker and he claimed his invented device which can magnify object 3 times.

2. Farthest object from sun.

Ans:90377 sedna


The distance between sun and 90377 sedan is 86 AU which is three times greater then distance between earth and Neptune.

3. Visible part of sun is called..

Ans: The photosphere


The Photosphere refers Sphere of light. It is just an optical surface unlike a real surface.

4. What makes a planet  a dwarf planet?

Ans: Size and shape


Criteria of dwarf planet completely depends on size and shape of the Planet. Here, are some conditions for consideration of dwarf planet which may help you to understand:

  • It must be round or almost round
  • It must not be the satellite
  • Needs sufficient mass

 5. Term for alignment of three celestial bodies


definition of syzygy:

When three celestial bodies come in alignment than phenomena is known as syzygy.

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