Asteroid on 29th April : Interesting Facts

Asteroid will hit the Earth On 29th April and World will End. This is not True at all. It will pass by Earth.

Interesting facts about Asteroid Passing near to Earth

  • It is named as Asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2.
  • The distance between Earth and this space object will be 6.3 Million Km.
  • Speed is 31,320 km/h as predicted by Arecibo Observatory Laboratory (Astronomers at Arecibo_Observatory is studying this space object from 8th July).
  • The Closest approach will be on 29th April at 09:56 UTC(5:56 am ET) and 3:26 pm IST.
  • Fake news is going around that world will end when it will hit the Earth i.e., dinosaurs extincted.
  • Puerto Rico is the person who captured a radar image of the asteroid 1998 OR2, which will zoom within 3.9 million miles (6.3 million kilometers) of our planet on April 29. Image is captured at  Arecibo Observatory 

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