As A Man Thinketh is a non-fiction book written by James Allen which depicts the power of our thoughts and how they leave a huge impact upon our actions and their consequences.


The book will also inspire, enlighten and help one understand the hidden power of one’s thoughts. The book talks about:

1. The Mind:

It depicts how our mind is the master-weaver (the exact word being used in the book). It highly emphasizes upon the concept or thought that a man is literally what he thinks. Her or his character reflects her or his thoughts or whatever that goes inside her or his mind.

2. Effect of Thought on Circumstances:

The book interprets how whatever occurring with us is the sole consequence of our thoughts by giving an example, like, if one is in jail, she or he isn’t there because of any misfortune or bad luck, instead, that person is there because her or his grovelling thoughts and base desires.

3. Karma:

It describes a straight and simple formula of life, that is, good produces good, and bad produces bad. That means even if you are a really good man with great virtues, the suffers you have endured in your life are the consequence of your bad actions only; not good actions. Even if a bad guy enjoys his or her life, he or she is going to suffer somewhere because of his or her misdeeds.

4. Effect of Thoughts on Body and Health:

It throws light upon how our thoughts shape our body and health. Bad and envious thoughts rob the body of its grace and health, according to the book. A serene mind brings with it smiles and a healthy body.

The book presents a very unique perspective of thoughts and their power which everyone should read so that they can purify their thoughts and bring with it cheers and serenity in their beautiful lives.

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Author: Som Abhisek.

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